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Rural Expansion


In 2022, the LittleBigHelp India Trust launched a rural expansion project encompassing five villages in Basanti Block. The initiative kicked off with meticulous micro-planning, Participatory Rural Appraisal, and Need Assessment. Recognizing the agricultural potential of the area, the organization introduced Agriculture and Fisheries programs involving 50 families.

The agricultural initiatives encompassed various practices, including vegetable cultivation and rice farming. The community also embraced mixed farming, incorporating prawn cultivation in paddy fields. With hopes for a bountiful yield, the community anticipates securing their livelihoods through these diversified agricultural efforts.

In addition to the agricultural focus, the organization conducted awareness sessions on Child Marriage Prevention and Adolescent Health, reaching out to a total of 450 individuals in the community. This comprehensive approach aims to not only enhance agricultural practices but also address critical social issues, contributing to the holistic development of the region.


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