A Little Big Help

We change your little help into a big help for people in need.
We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it!



Girls Hostel


LittleBigHelp manages a hostel dedicated to 21 street-connected and vulnerable individuals. Our team, alongside skilled social workers, offers essential guidance to help these children navigate life's challenges. Recognizing the specific vulnerabilities faced by girls in India, such as the risks of rape, abuse, trafficking, and child marriage, we prioritize their safety and well-being.

Through engaging activities like music and dance sessions, drawing, meditation, sports, and other recreational pursuits, coupled with in-house counseling support, we strive to positively shape the mental, physical, and social development of the children. As they grow older, our focus shifts towards preparing them for independent adulthood.

In discussions with each child about their dreams and future possibilities, we enroll them in vocational training courses, ensuring they acquire valuable skills for sustainable livelihoods. Practical life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and managing expenses are also part of their education. In a noteworthy achievement, three girls from our program passed their Class Twelve board exams in 2023 with more than 60% marks, marking a significant milestone as first-generation learners.

Boys Hostel


LittleBigHelp operates a hostel catering to 19 street-connected and vulnerable boys. Our aim is to offer them a fresh start away from the streets, providing care, comfort, nutrition, and education until they reach the age of 18. Dedicated team members and experienced social workers offer continuous guidance and counselling to help these boys navigate the unique challenges they encounter in life.

As part of our holistic approach, we ensure their enrolment in local schools to secure their education. Structuring their daily lives at the hostel involves a variety of activities such as sports, music, drawing, meditation, games, and other recreational pursuits. Our team remains committed to providing ongoing support and counselling, addressing the specific challenges these boys face and equipping them with the tools to cope effectively.


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