A Little Big Help

We change your little help into a big help for people in need.
We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it!




The year 2020 has taught us all to live with uncertainty and to be capable of exerting flexibility in our work. Everything changed and none of us could predict how much the Covid-19 pandemic would affect our world and the long-term consequences it would cause. In the year 2021, the Covid 19 came back with more detrimental effects, the devasting 2nd wave affects every household, The hospitals were filled with patients, did not able to provide the required oxygen, people suffered without oxygen and even died, and communal cremation was seen due to a large number of deaths occurred.

In that crucial period,LittleBigHelp helped people to breathe by providing2 oxygen concentrators to a local hospital and 161 individuals received oxygen support.

In 2021 we continued to provide meal support to the most vulnerable families, 182505 meals were provided in 2021

To protect people from COVID 19 we provided, 5000 masks and 2000 units of soaps, and 1000 units of sanitizer .

During the most crucial time of 2021, 377 individuals from our community, like community volunteers, change agents, slum residents, and club members extended their hands to join the cause .

To provide awareness on safeguarding measures to minimize the effects of Covid 19 and to combat misinformation about Covid 19 we organized 54 awareness sessions and 9 mobile campaigns, and reached more than 10000 population

In collaboration with NH Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences, 375 individuals received COVID 19 precautionary vaccines, among them 74 are adolescents. The vaccination drive was organized


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