A Little Big Help

We change your little help into a big help for people in need.
We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it!



Girls Home and Boys Home/ Institutional Care

In our girls’ and boys’ homes, vulnerable girls and boys can get away from the streets and start a new life with care, comfort, nutrition, and education – and a place to call ‘home’.

We opened the homes in 2014, and they now provide long-term homes for 21 girls and 34 boys. Our team and skilled social workers also provide the children with guidance on how to cope with the challenges they may face in life. For instance, girls in India are especially vulnerable to rape, abuse, trafficking, and child marriage. Engaging the children in music and dance sessions, drawing, meditating, and doing sports and other recreational activities, in-housecounseling support, etc. helps to shape them positively and enhance their mental, physical and social development.

As the children get older, we focus on preparing them for independent adulthood. We discuss with each child about their dreams and possibilities for the future and we enroll them in vocational training courses to ensure that they have learned a new skill from which they earn their livelihood. We also teach them the basics of living like making their food, cleaning, meet up their expenses.

In 2021, 3 girls and 1 boy passed class ten board exam with more than 60% marks, who are thefirst-generation learners.

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