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We change your little help into a big help for people in need.
We cannot help everybody – but we can help some. And we do it!



Community Centres


It is estimated that 11 million children are living on the streets in India. To deal with the difficult living conditions had succumbed to peer pressure and had taken different addictive materials like glue, alcohol. The longer children live on the streets, the harder it is to help them out of that environment.

The children who are habituated in the street life, never get enrolled in school, if some of them started to school, dropped out before eighth grade. Lack of education perpetuates the cycle of poverty and increases the risk of ending up on the streets.

The community centers are located in 9 different slums of Kolkata and Howrah. Through the centers promote education through school preparation courses and create awareness about rights in the local slum communities, provide nutritional support through cooked meal to the children and healthcare to the children and their families After 6-12 months, they start school, while we continue to offer social and academic support through tutoring and recreational activities.



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